Monday, March 27, 2017

Some Observations

The fella in apartment D sounds like he's dying. Any time we're out on our respective patios at the same time, I can hear him coughing. It sounds asbsolutely terrible. I don't know if he is old or young or somewhere in between (I've never seen him) but he can't be healthy. I should probably take a moment here to tell you a little about where I live. It's a little apartment building; just a row of 7 or 8 little townhouses is all. Behind each one is a small 'patio'. And by patio, I mean a concrete slab about 6ft by 10ft with an old brown wooden fence around it such that you can't see out.

So this man, he has a cough that I would not hesitate to call terrifying. I hope, sincerely, that when he is out on his patio it's not for a smoke like when I'm on my patio. I mean, this cough, it's reminiscent of the last part of one's stay at one of those old TB hospitals. So, like I've said, I've never seen the guy... And that's the other thing about our little block of town homes; I don't currently know ANY of my neighbors and there are only a couple that I could recognize by sight (and one by sound, clearly). It's not a very social place to live. We're right across the street from campus, on the cheap side, so the neighbors are either transient college types or folks who can't afford to live someplace better. I long for the day when another pair of cheap-asses like myself and my husband move in. Someone older than 20 who also can form a coherent sentence. It will be glorious.

The cool thing about where we live though is the deli across the street. They have pretty good food and 6 beer taps; 4 of which are usually tasty craft beers. And they play good music. Stuff like The Band, Nathaniel Rateliff and the Nightsweats, The Lumineers, and Hozier. I'm there now. Here now? Whatever. Anyway, it's a nice place to just hang out. And they know me here. And if I have too many beers, well, it's only like fifty feet to my apartment. Sometimes some of the college crowd here is a little shitty, but usually not. Like, a moment ago, these girls came out (I'm on the patio so I can smoke), and one of them was saying something about how someone was too stupid to count change... I glanced in the large picture window by my table and the girl working the register is not only new, but clearly just a high school student. Give her a break. Besides, by the look of you, I'm amazed you bitches aren't "too stupid" to tie your fucking shoes. Just sayin'.

At the moment, I'm drinking a Holy City Pluff Mudd Porter. You should try it. I like dark beer, but it's very drinkable even if that isn't usually your thing.

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