Thursday, April 20, 2017

Dinner and a show; the weirdness one can see from the deli

On Monday, the deli manager for the evening shift glanced out the window and saw something both horrible and fabulous: his customers were being treated to a streaker show that started across the street at the University. It happened like this (and it's worth noting that the deli has basically floor to ceiling un-shaded windows facing both the main street/campus and the parking lot):

A young man walks out of the dorm across the street and starts wandering around the building... bare-ass naked. He feels and hugs the wall of the building. He's definitely tripping balls. Two other guys walk out of the building carrying some clothes and shoes. The abandoned coverings of their apparent friend. They see their naked buddy and attempt to catch up with him. He isn't having it. He runs flat-out across the main road; heading right for the deli. Naked man then proceeds to do a couple laps around the deli and the GM poked his head out and had the following exchange with him:

"Whatchya' doin' buddy?", asked the GM.

"GOIN' FOR A RUN!", replied naked guy, without losing speed.

"Okay then..."

Naked guy ultimately continued down the street and it took a number of cop cars and about an hour and a half to catch and remove him.

This is only one of many interesting shows that the diners at the deli have been treated to. There was also:

1. Puppy getting hit by car and sobbing women holding said dying puppy and wailing
2. Man dragging small daughter down the street on a dog leash (deli workers called the cops).
3. Girl getting T-boned pulling out of the parking lot and the following field sobriety test, conducted about three feet from of of the deli windows, because she was quite drunk. (I want to point out here that she did not get drunk at the deli... the staff would not load someone up and then let them drive. She had come in that way and they thought she was on foot because she lives right down the street.) One patron said of the event, "Man! I didn't know lunch here came with a free live show of COPS!"
4. An 'initiation' celebration by the local Red Hat club... 15 women (several were octogenarians) in crazy garb, with wands, singing 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun'. (I really wish I had been there for this one)

So there you have it, not only does the deli have great food, craft beer, and trivia night, but it also has loads of local color! Ha!

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