Thursday, May 9, 2019

Overdue Update on All Things Me

So, I made the leap and took a new job. For the first time in nearly a decade I am working in the private sector. In a manufacturing company no less. The initial learning curve was somewhat steep (the number of acronyms alone was enough to make my head spin), but all is basically well now.

The overall mood here seems to be better than at the school I worked at previously, so that's a plus. On the other hand, the pressure to perform is a lot higher. Oddly enough though, there's very little competition between the folks in my department. With one exception. We'll call him Frank.

To give you an idea, Frank is a bit like a used car salesman on meth. He is LOUD. He almost never stops talking. And usually the subject matter is how awesome he is and all the amazing things he did at other companies before coming here. I'm sure you've met one of these guys. In fact, our current President bears a striking resemblance to Frank... and they are equally full of bull shit. To be fair to Frank though, he is generally a nice (if not sincere) guy. However, he recently attempted to take over (and take credit for) one of my cost savings projects. He had the nerve to invite not only me, but our Director (we'll call him Tony) to the meeting with the affected department... I was flabbergasted. Frank KNOWS I've been working on this. We've had conversations about it. And then there he was, bold as brass, introducing everyone to 'his plan'. What. A. Dick. I endeavored to make it clear, without sounding like a whiny-ass, that I had already put these particular wheels in motion weeks ago. Hopefully, Tony understood what was happening. Perhaps I should have a chat with Tony to make sure he's aware...

...Or will I sound childish?

'This project was MINE! I'm the one who came up with the IDEA! MY IDEA! MY IDEA! WAAAHHHHH!'

I suppose it's all in the approach and the phrasing.

Any of you have a similar experience? Any idea about what the best way to deal with it is? I had considered just being the bigger person and joining forces, so to speak, with Frank. Whatever. We'll just tag-team the project.

But it's MINE.

It doesn't help things that we have an open-style work environment and his loud-ass-self sits right behind me. He's so LOUD. And half of what he yammers on about makes no sense. Seriously. None.

Thankfully, I have a very nice pair of work-issued headphones... most of the time I just crank my music and pretend he isn't there.

And he says the weirdest shit on phone meetings... everything from 'winner winner chicken dinner' to 'I'm gonna need to take a potty break'.

I mean... what the hell, dude?

In other news, I'm now working on my MBA. Taking classes AND working full-time is a royal pain, but the additional degree will be helpful for moving onward and upward in the company. It was especially hard in the fall semester because of some familial issues I had to deal with... then it was extra sucky in the spring semester because I was working two jobs and taking classes. Hopefully, moving forward, it will be a little less ridiculous.My meds can barely handle me on a normal day--I don't need huge waves of excess stress. Makes me unstable. And weepy.

Dr. Husband is doing well. Recently got tenure at the university, so that's groovy. And he's still putting up with all my shenanigans, so that's a good thing. :)

Went on a 'girls trip' a couple weeks back to the mountains. It was a hoot... even if it did involve a lot of shopping (which is NOT my thing). I also learned that I can twerk upside down. Don't ask. Anyway, it was fun, if not a little weird. I've never really had a close group of girl friends in the past; I usually hung out with the guys. But, somehow, I have acquired a group of badass females to run with. We go to trivia on Tuesday nights and we all meet up at the Mexican restaurant for lunch every Thursday. One Thursday, the lady lawyer in our group (we'll call her Tiffany) was explaining how a difficult situation is like being chocked--you just have to relax into it. For whatever reason, everyone at the table took this as a dirty comment and fell out laughing all over the place. I think I know what she was trying to say... but it was kinda hilarious. Lots of questions about what she and her husband had been up to lately... Sometimes we drink a little at lunch. This amuses me. This weekend, I have arranged a karaoke night at a local karaoke bar--it should be hilarious. :)

I don't suppose this has been a very entertaining post, but since I hadn't been on here in forever, I thought I'd just give you a broad-brush overview of what's been going on.

So yeah. Thanks for stopping by and remember: Just relax into it.

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